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We are the # 1 Source for Quality Garage Cabinets in DFW. Our expert design and installation sets us apart from the competition.

We carry a wide variety of Garage Cabinets to suit virtually every budget. We also stock the necessary accesories to compliment your cabinet installation.

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3D Garage Cabinet Design

Our state-of-the-art 3D Design; allows you to visualize how your garage will look once the project is completed.

We will work closely with you to get the design right, so you can finally have your dream garage.

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Cabinet Lines:

Our Garage Cabinets are available in two Distinct Series all with a variety on Finishes:

SIGNATURE SERIES - Top Quality Traditional Finishes & Powder Coated.

CLASSIC SERIES - Good Value, Backless Cabinets, Laminate Finishes.

Signature Series Garage Cabinets - Top Quality

Type: Full Backs on Cabinets, Wall Mount, Fully Adjustable Shelves.
Material: Melamine Laminate Interior & Exterior, 3/4" Sides & Doors, 1" thick Tops, Bottoms, & Shelves.
Available Sizes: Heights up to 91", Depths 12", 16", 20" and 23", widths 12" thru 48".
Cabinet Options: Full Extension Drawers, Sliding Doors, Variety of COunter Tops, Custom Sizes Available.
Finish Options: Selection of Laminate and Powder Coats.
Warranty: Lifetime Replacement under normal use.

  • Full Extension Drawers on Roller Bearing Glides

  • Optional Sliding Doors

  • 1" thick Adjustable Shelves 200 lb. load capacity

Signature Series Door Styles

Cabinet Finishes

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Signature Series Powder Coated Garage Cabinets

Powder Coating is a process that has been used for many years in the industrial painting of metal components. It is highly durable, and abration resistant versus conventional industrial painting.

Recent advancement in Powder Coating Technology have allowed for the coating of MDF. This has created the opportunity to produce highly durable finishes on wood substrates such as cabinets. It allows a cabinet to be coated with a durable finish, with no gaps or seams. It is our most durable finish.

The Cabinet Sizes & Box Construction are the same as the standard Signature Cabinets, as well as the available options.

Cabinet Finishes

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