Overhead Ceiling Racks, Overhead Storage Racks

About Overhead Storage & Best Uses in the Garage

What is an Overhead Storage Rack? It is a large high weight capacity garage storage platform that is usually installed into the ceiling of a garage, directly into the ceiling joists or trusses.

Best uses for this product are homes with higher than average garage ceilings or with significant space over the garage doors to the ceiling when the garage door is in the up position. They can also be placed along walls, as well as directly over your vehicles if your garage ceiling is high enough. Many of our clients use them in tandem with more accessible Wall Shelving Systems, and use them to store larger items, or items not accessed frequently over the garage doors.

Ceiling Mount or Wall Mount Options

Garaginization stocks three lines of Overhead Ceiling Racks, Strong Racks 600, and 750 Series, and Monkey Bars Overhead Ceiling Storage Racks. They are both the highest weight capacity, and safest rack designs on the market. We know this from experience with other manufacturer’s racks we have used in past years.

Our Overhead Ceiling Racks can not only be mounted to the ceiling, but mounted to the wall for additional weight capacity. As an example; a rack with a capacity of 750 lbs. when mounted to the ceiling, increases to 1000 lbs. when mounted to the wall on one side.

Strong Racks a Better Rack by Design

Exclusive Features

750 Commercial Series have 16 Mounting Points
600 Residential Series have 8 Mounting Points
All Strong Racks have Two Joist or 4 Truss Mounting
Durable Powder Coated Finish
Tubular Steel Adjustable Legs
Wall Mounting Option
2” Safety Perimeter Lip
Bolted Down Grids for Safety

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Lifetime Warranty

Residential 600 Series – 600 to 750 lb. Weight Capacity

The Strong Racks Residential 600 Series Ceiling Storage Racks are available in a basic 4’ x 8’size in White. It is also the best quality Overhead Storage Rack you are going to find in Dallas, DFW at this price point. It has many of the same superior features found in the popular Commercial 750 Series Ceiling Storage Racks such as; Tubular Steel Legs, 4 Truss Mounting to the ceiling, Wall Mount Capability, Safety Perimeter Lip, and Bolted Down Wire Grid. It has 8 points of contact to the ceiling vs. the 16 of the 750 Series, and does not have Super Platform Capability.

If you are looking for a higher quality Ceiling Storage Rack for a great price, this is it!

600 Series Pricing:

Single Unit $389.99 Installed
2 Units $674.99 Installed
3 Plus Units $325.00 (third plus unit only) * Example 3 Units $999.99, Four Units $1324.00

* Discounts for volume are based on a single installation visit.
* Taxes Extra.
* Our installations under our minimum billing of $500.00 are subject to an additional $50.00 set-up fee.
* Further Discounts are available when combined with other products on larger projects.

Commercial 750 Series – 750 to 1000 lb. Weight Capacity

Endless Platform & Size Capability

The Strong Racks Commercial Series 750 Overhead Ceiling Racks can be joined together to create a virtually endless platform with no platform obstructions that can span your entire garage.

This provides a very clean and streamlined look not found in other Overhead Ceiling Storage Racks on the market.

The racks can be extended down from the ceiling up to 48”, and further with available leg extensions.

The 750 Series is available in two depths 3’ and 4’, and in two powder coated finishes White, and Smoked Chrome.


Smoked Chrome

750 Series Super Platform

Commercial 750 Series Pricing Examples

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Strong Racks Accessories

Strong Racks offers additional accessories for use with its racks such as Hooks, and Wire Grid Wall Shelving.

Wire Grid Wall Shelving

Wall Shelf w/ Bike Rack

Ladder Hooks

Functional Snap Hooks

Monkey Bars Overhead Ceiling Storage Racks

Monkey Bar Storage has done it again! Introducing the Monkey Bars Overhead Ceiling Storage Racks. Not only are they fantastic by design, but they are the perfect compliment for customers whom have, or are planning to purchase the Monkey Bars Garage Storage System as it is available in the Monkey Bars Gray Finish, in addition to White.

They can be both Ceiling (750 lb. weight capacity) and Wall Mounted (1000 lb. weight capacity) when mounted to the wall on one side.

They can be also be made into a continuous platform with no obstructions to expand the length of your garage!

They feature a durable baked on powder coated finish, adjustable tubular steel legs that can be placed on any side of the rack to create room for larger items such as Kayaks. It is also a 4 Truss Ceiling Mounted Design.

The unique A frame, and Fiberglass Rod Platform Design, is stronger then most wire grids, and looks really nice as well. It’s a bit of a different take on what is common in the marketplace, well hey that’s Monkey Bars Storage Systems!

Pricing Examples

Single Unit $399.99 Installed
Two Units $749.99 Installed
Two Units Combined with a Monkey Bars Storage System $699.98
3 Plus Units Call for Price

* Discounts for volume are based on a single installation visit.
* Taxes Extra.
* Our installations under our minimum billing of $500.00 are subject to an additional $50.00 set-up fee.
* Further Discounts are available when combined with other products on larger projects.