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Garage Floor Coatings

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Garage Floor Coatings have quickly become one of the most sought after home improvements. A Garage Floor Coating by Garaginization will make your garage feel like another room in your home.

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A garage floor coating provides a seamless finish, that’s easy to clean and maintain. With our garage floors dust will be a thing of the past, spills of any kind can be wiped up easily with a cloth. The floor can be moped with water, and cleaned if needed with most household cleaners.

Thinking of selling your home? A garage floor coating can really add value by covering up your dirty worn garage floor concrete. This simple change combined with freshly painted walls can make a real impact on buyers and help you sell your home.

About our Garage Floor Coatings

Garaginization has been installing successful garage floor coatings in the Dallas Fort Worth area since 2008. We offer a variety of garage floor coating options from Epoxy Garage Flooring, Polyurethane and Polyaspartic / Polyurea Garage Floor Coatings to meet most budgets.

We offer both Solid Color Finishes, and our Granite Flake textured garage floor coatings. Our Granite Flake textured garage floors have become the most popular garage flooring in Dallas for a number of reasons such as appearance, variety, durability, and slip resistance. Both our Granite and Solid Color Garage Floors come in a variety of finishes. Choose from our stock, or custom finishes. We can create custom chip blends to match any décor, your favorite sports team, or college.

We offer in stock vinyl chip blends, a variety of sizes, and blends, as well as Mica Quartz Flakes.

Making the right choice in Garage Flooring Companies

Low Cost Too Good To Be True Advertisements

Over the years the increased popularity of garage floor coatings has brought many unqualified companies, and business’s not specializing in garage enhancement into the local market to capitalize on the high customer demand. Unfortunately, many of these companies will be gone just as quick. Some of these companies advertise large discounts such as 50% off, and prices that make no sense, and are simply too good to be true. We know the cost of buying the proper materials and it simply doesn’t add up. The discounted price will surely equal the discounted quality of materials. You will not get what you expect, and will be disappointed up the road.

Don’t be fooled by low cost advertisements about garage floors, as all you will get is a cheap floor with a warranty that is meaningless. Like most things in life you will always get what you pay for.

Who is installing your Garage Floor Coating?

Garaginization has installed over 1200 successful garage floors in the Dallas Forth Worth area since 2008.

Our installers are company trained employees, not sub contractors. Our flooring personal only installs garage floors for Garaginization. They are not involved in any storage aspect of our business, and we believe that it is this singular focus that makes them the best at what they do.

We are also experts at identifying concrete issues such as moisture remediation, and other concrete related issues that can result in a garage floor failure if not properly pre-treated.

We have successfully removed and installed many failed garage floors over the years installed by homeowners, and sadly other professional installers. If you happen to have a garage floor that is simply too high of a risk, we will simply tell you that you shouldn’t do it. If we tell you we can do it, we will stand behind the work and the warranty every time.


Over the years Garaginization has had a unique opportunity to critique itself against its competitors when quoting or installing storage systems where customers already had a garage floor installed. It is this self evaluation that has driven us to always get better and stay ahead of the competition. Don’t get us wrong, there are some good garage flooring companies in the DFW area that do good work, but unfortunately the vast majority are lacking in areas such as poor quality materials, not enough material, and over workmanship.

To give you an example 37% of the floors we install for local DFW homeowners involve the complete removal of the pre-existing garage floor coating. This speaks volumes.

Preparation of the Garage Floor Concrete Surface

Preparation is the most important step in ensuring a long lasting garage floor coating in Dallas. This is done by using a specialized concrete grinder. The process opens up the pores of the concrete allowing the base coat to penetrate into the concrete itself. It also removes the wear layer that contains contaminants from spills, tire residue etc., that can cause a garage floor coating to lift. In addition to this, our 550 lb. planetary machines also provide a nicer concrete surface, by leveling out most waves, and high spots in your original concrete slab.

We also repair pits and minor cracks at no extra charge, giving you a better looking concrete slab to install the garage floor coating. If your floor requires substantial crack repair; this can be done for a nominal charge.

Make no mistake; other methods like primers and acid etching simply do not work. The processes are utilized by those who are simply unqualified and don’t own the necessary equipment to do the job properly. Acid etching is the use of ammonia to chemically etch the concrete surface. It emits harmful vapors that can be dangerous for the homeowner. It also does not create enough the proper surface to bind the floor coating to the concrete when your vehicles are driven on it.

Typical Failed Garage Floor Coatings we see in DFW:

Garage Floor Coating Options & Materials

Garaginization offers a variety of garage floor coating materials at varying price points and warranty levels. Each package offers it’s own advantages and disadvantages such as “UV” resistance, chemical resistance, wear and impact resistance, and cure times (when you can get back into the garage), and the corresponding warranty coverage’s.

With our many years of experience installing garage floors, we can are here to help you make the right choice. We want you to be educated on your potential purchase, and understand the differences to meet you needs and budget.

We don’t expect you to be a chemist, but we have tried to make this as simple as possible by offering the following garage floor coating packages.

Some things to consider in choosing the right package for you:

“Do you plan on being in the home for more than 5 years?”

“Are you concerned about chemicals and vapors?”

“Do you have children with allergies or other sensitivities?”

“Are you going to be tougher on the garage floor coating then the average homeowner?”

What is involved in a Granite Flaked Garage Floor Coating?

Our Granite Garage Floor Coating is a three to four layer process depending on the specific garage flooring package chosen.

  1. 1.) Concrete is prepped to accept the garage floor coating.
  2. 2.) Color pigmented base coat layer is applied that binds the coating to the concrete floor, and accepts the flakes.
  3. 3.) Heavy broadcast decorative chip layer, provides a durable textured layer of color.
  4. 4.) Clear top coat is applied in one or two coats depending on the garage flooring package.

Granite Flake Flooring Packages

What is involved in a Solid Color Garage Floor Coating?

A solid color garage floor coating from Garaginization has a showroom high gloss glass like appearance.

It is not as common in residential homes, and is mostly used in Airplane Hangers, RV Garages, Toy Garages, and Commercial applications.

It involves a color pigmented base coat, and a clear top coat finish.

Solid Color Coating Packages

About the available Floor Coating Materials

Epoxy Garage Floors have been around for a long time, and would be considered the original garage floor coating. There have been several advancements made over the years that are superior to epoxies.

Epoxy quality is determined by its solids content. Garaginization uses 100% solids epoxy which is the very best epoxy garage floor coating. Garage floor epoxy sold in DFW big box stores are really just thin low percentage products that are nothing more then garage floor paint. There low viscosity (thickness) does not provide an adequate coating build and will not cover imperfections in your garage floor. It will mark the first few times you drive on it, and will wear out in months of installation.

Good quality garage floor epoxies do however make good base coating materials due to there ability to bind and wick to properly prepared concrete, but make poor final top or clear coats as they are not “UV” stable and will yellow or amber with exposure to natural sunlight. They are also harder, not very flexible, making them less resistant to impacts.

Polyurethane makes a good top coat as they are “UV” stable, and have good chemical, and wear resistantance. They are typically 3 X’s more durable then an epoxy top coat, and are more flexible making them better for resisting impacts. Polyurethane has good clarity; although its shine is more of a mat type finish versus the water clarity and high gloss properties of Polyurea. It also has a longer drying time which is dependant on temperature.

Our Polyurea has a solids content of 99% which is much higher then those on the market. It makes both an excellent base coat, and an excellent top coat. It coats to a higher build thickness then epoxies, and polyurethanes making it more durable. It is 4 X’s more durable then a 100% solids epoxy garage floor coating, and 2 X’s as durable as a Polyurethane garage floor. In addition it is more flexible, making it superior in withstanding impacts, and more chemical resistant. It is often used to line the interiors of chemical tanks, and is the material used for spray-on bed liners common in truck beds.

It is also “UV” stable and will not fade with exposure to sun light. It has water clarity and provides a brilliant gloss finish. We also offer an optional mat version.

Our Polyurea is a “Green Product” and is low VOC, and is not solvent based.

Garaginization We Care…

Garaginization cares about your family and the environment. We have carefully selected materials that are low “VOC” and Green Products that are not solvent based, and safe for the environment and your home and family.

In addition we employ safe methods of installation for you and our installers.

We know as parents we would not want to expose our family to harsh chemicals and vapors. We can help you to choose the right garage floor package to meet these concerns.


FAQ’s About Garage Floor Coatings